Chapel Hill Melee is an video game community for the Super Smash Brothers Melee video game. My roles in the community have been that of Photographer, Content Creator, and Tournament organizer. Over the past 4 years, I have,

  • Organized and run multiple 150+ person, all day tournaments
  • Created marketing campaigns with images and video to promote events
  • Photographed and recorded Super-National events such as Super Smash Con

Tournament Organizing

The most notable events I have organized are the Moses Kang Memorial Tournaments (MKMT). Coming up on its third iteration, the MKMT series has become a hallmark of NC events. The event has even drawn notable players from out of state including Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and more. Large scale tournaments require an immense amount  planning, marketing, and day-of leadership to execute. From budgeting spreadsheets to contingency planning, these events have definitely been a challenge to do but are always rewarding to do for a supportive community.

Check out the tournament results and streams here

  1. MKMT I ( Stream | Tournament Info )
  2. MKMT II ( Stream | Tournament Info )
  3. MKMT III ( Stream | Tournament Info )

Media and Marketing

Each of these tournaments, as well as side events like fundraisers, need a solid marketing plan to garner a healthy attendance. I have personally designed the past few years’ worth of photos and videos to promote the series. All of the following media has been created using Adobe Creative Cloud. Images are made using Photoshop and Illustrator while I made videos in Premiere and After Effects. I filmed and recorded all the footage used in the videos.

MKMT I Facebook event cover photo



MKMT II Social Media Campaign



As a side gig, I’ve taken a lot of photos at Smash events. These have all been published through the Chapel Hill Melee facebook page and are available to the public. You can find the photos on the page at facebook.com/chmelee/.